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Below are details of five randomly chosen play scripts currently available through our sister site ScriptCircle (Full Catalogue of nearly 500 plays - html, large!)


We see an old lady bring on a tray of tea and call to her husband, Bill, who is apparently changing upstairs. She talks to herself and relives all the memories that the house holds for them as their children grew up ... the tea grows cold and still Bill doesn't appear ... until finally we realise why, giving us a touching insight into old age and loneliness.

Cast (at least 1): 1f - One-Act.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licencesBased on real people/events

"Sepia Serenade" - A Musical Comedy

A drama group are about to put on a show when a mischievous old granddad, who is the ex-caretaker, appears with his grandchildren, clutching an old-fashioned magic lantern. He wants to show them some slides of his early life but naturally they aren't interested. The show begins but then there is an unexpected power cut and the group are so desperate for light that they are forced to let Granddad show his slides while they improvise with well-known songs and scenes around them. In the s ... read more

Cast (at least 20): 11f & 11m & children (doubling) - Full-Length.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licencesSuitable for under 16s to perform


A Greek tragedy play about two sons of Oedipus both seeking to succeed their father. Their sister, Antigone, defies her uncle, a leader out of touch with the people who has decreed that her traitorous brother should go unburied and therefore find no rest in the afterlife. Ultimately, her and her uncle’s actions have tragic outcome

Author: PASSMORE, Keith
Cast (at least 11): Total cast of 11. 7-9 M, 3-5 F as some parts may be played by either sex. - One-Act.
Suitable for under 16s to perform


What kind of a woman wants to be a traffic warden? Here we see the first day at work for a young female warden, fresh from Training School, who is introduced to her new workmates and they in turn proceed to show her what life is really like in the big wide world. One of their number is a sad character who never speaks and seems to have had enough of it all, preferring to spend her time feeding the pigeons instead of giving out tickets. In the afternoon they are all told to stay indoors ... read more

Cast (at least 8): 8 females - Full-Length.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licencesComedy

Behind Corridors of Power

"Behind Corridors of Power." A full-length play satirising politics, especially educational politics, and current political figures. The play also looks at life from the perspective of a high-ranking politician’s wife whose husband unknown to her has had a series of affairs, one with his diary secretary, whilst at Westminster. The comedy stems from the goings-on in the Minister of Education's Office.

Cast (at least 10): 7F 6M - Full-Length.
On-line performing licencesSuitable for Under-16s to see

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RMJI Scripts

Three plays available through StagePlays. All three of these plays have won Best New Play awards.

The Chip Van Plays Dixie by Robert IlesThe Chip Van Plays Dixie
an one-act play for 1M/1F. A poignant slice of life comedy set on a bench by a cemetery where two strangers find that they have more in common than they thought, more even than a love of chips, real chips.
Head case by Robert IlesHead Case
An all female three hander one-act play script. A blind sculptress models a head on an unknown skull for her police detective sister. An award-winning ghost story.
Towpath by Robert IlesTowpath
Four strangers meet on a canal bank, each has a story to tell and a history to share.

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