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19th Sep 16 :: Review: Noah Guthrie
Seen at the Ruby Lounge, Manchester
18th Sep 16 :: Review: Briefs
Raunchy male cabaret on the Southbank.
16th Sep 16 :: Review: The Rivals
A rethink on Sheridan's The Rivals.
12th Sep 16 :: Review: Ghost
The stage musical of the film, touring the UK.
12th Sep 16 :: RSC Season
2017 season announcement.
11th Sep 16 :: Review: Party
Above the Stag, now extended to end October.
7th Sep 16 :: Rumour: Exciting 2017 Shows
Things to start looking forward to.
3rd Sep 16 :: Review: No Man's Land
Revival of Pinter's absurdist classic
2nd Sep 16 :: Review: The Deep Blue Sea
Broadcast live on 1st September, seen at local Odeon.
31st Aug 16 :: Review: The Sound of Music
Touring show seen in Bristol
18th Aug 16 :: Review: Moonface
Three girl pass through life's hurdles
18th Aug 16 :: Review: Agent of Influence: The Secret Life of Pamela More
A really spiffing wartime yarn
18th Aug 16 :: Review: Happiness is a Cup of Tea
Fiona is asked to write a eulogy & she didn't even know her mother was ill.
18th Aug 16 :: Review: Perfidious Lion
Bettine Mackenzie's solo show
17th Aug 16 :: Review: Virtual Reality Studio Session
A chance to sample simple VR systems
17th Aug 16 :: Review: Trainspotting
Returning to the fringe for a second year after its UK tour
17th Aug 16 :: Review: Love and Canine Integration
Guy Masterson talks about his own life
17th Aug 16 :: Review: Hess
Michael Burrell's award-winning one-man play

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Latest User Reviews

The MGM Story: The Magic of the Musical
5 Ruth Myerscough-jackopson
19th Feb 17: This was magical. I grew up watching MGM musicals and this brought so many of the best bits to life. The cast were magnificent, I would love to see them do the whole of singing in the rain together, such energy, stunning voices and perfect dramatic mood changes for all of the different songs. A perfect night out for any lover of old time musicals.
Sean Lock - Keep It Light (New Victoria Theatre, Woking)
1 Nick
16th Feb 17: The show will probably be cancelled. This has happened twice at Dorking Halls. He's more interested in money from TV appearances than people who are prepared to pay to go and see him. Complete idiot!
Blood Brothers (Southport Theatre, Southport)
5 Vic Mangan
15th Feb 17: I have grown up watching this musical since I was 13 and Con O'Neil was my first Mickey and I fell in love there and then in 1988 but tonight many shows and own experiences later I can honestly say that Sean Jones has given Con a run for his money! It was a given that Lyn Paul would be amazing hit for me the performance of Mickey and The Narrator are the deal breaker, and I was not disappointed Dean Chisnall was amazing and sometimes stole the show without saying a word a presence befitting to this role. An absolute pleasure to watch!
CBeebies Treasure Island
1 Tara webster
12th Feb 17: Shame I can't give no stars. What a load of rubbish. Got drawn in through false advertising made to look as though it was a CBeebies official spotbots show. It consisted of a three man comedy act who had done bits on spot bots and had been on Justin's house twice !!!! Stars of CBeebies I think not. We walked out at half time so did most of the audience. Dreadful show. Avoid.
CBeebies Treasure Island
1 Sarah Farrar
11th Feb 17: This is the only show we've ever taken or daughtersomething to that they have asked to leave just over half way through. Absolutely awful. The advertising suggests that it is a cbeebies production which it certainly wasn't. The'plot' was completely random, veering from one boring scene to another and never really getting anywhere. The scenery and staging were shocking and the whole thing left our daughters confused and bored. The only positive parts involved the mouse and Wendy but they appeared to have no link what so ever to the actual treasure island story although they were on for almost an hour. Avoid.
CBeebies Treasure Island (Winter Gardens and Opera House Theatre, Blackpool)
1 Barbara Calvert
11th Feb 17: I took my son his wife and 2 girls to CBeebies treasure island. We left at half time along with many others in the audience. The writer of the script and the cast were unaware of the audience they were playing to. References were made to Cliff Richard and Donald Trump. Pre school children would not have any interest in that. Most children were bored with intense dialogue rather than singing etc. Very disappointed as this was a birthday treat. I would be obliged if you could you would refund me my money. This was nothing like what was advertised. Regards Barbara
Andy Murray (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow)
1 sm finlay
10th Feb 17: tickets on sale today but no tickets available today as sold out yesterday!! what a scam!! not amused!!
You Win Again - the Story of the Bee Gees
4 Bob Angles
7th Feb 17: We saw this show in Bournemouth. I love musicals and this was excellent. The narration was informative and linked with the music well. The three guys were incredible and every song was really close to the original. The girl who sang Celine Dion was so good my wife thought she was lip syncing.Shame I can't remember her name. Almost everybody in the theatre were up on their feet dancing by the end. It was a brilliant night. Thank you all.
Not Dead Enough (Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes)
5 slimmo14
3rd Feb 17: Absolutely superb very sinister and gripping. Shane Ritchie was very good playing a serious role, very impressed with the woman who played Belle the policewoman, almost thought she was a copper. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole performance
You Win Again - the Story of the Bee Gees
4 Stephen Wright
2nd Feb 17: What an excellent night it was, my wife and I thoroughly enjoy this show, it was both informative and entertaining, people were dancing in their seats and there was a brilliant atmosphere in the theatre. The 3 Bee gee guys were excellent and look and sound very much like the Gibb brothers with their beautiful harmonies set with the added benefit of beautiful dancers behind them and a tight live band giving the show great energy, but also there are some nice poignant moments of dialogue from Stigwood who tells the story of the Beegees between songs which was sensitively delivered.
You Win Again - the Story of the Bee Gees
5 Gemma Smith
2nd Feb 17: Having worked in the West End for 20 some years I went to the Opening Night of You Win Again unsure what to expect. Was it a tribute show or a musical? What it turned out to be was an extremely fun night out! How you can you not have a good night with such brilliant music being performed with so much enthusiasm. The brothers Gibb were portrayed acuratly although they seemed not to stay true to which brother sang which song originally. The narration, although wonderfully delivered left the audience from a musical high to a bit of a class room bump as it upset the momentum of the show to a degree. The dancers who unfortunately are not credited, worked hard all night producing an unwavering glamour and real show biz sparkle which complimented the three leading men wonderfully well. All in all You Win Again is a fabulous fun night so much so I've booked up to see it again!
You Win Again - the Story of the Bee Gees
4 Simone Weller
2nd Feb 17: I approached this with a very open mind, i was not expecting much at all to be frank. Having been a theatre reviewer for some 14 years i have seen all sorts! Well, the nucleus of this story has to be the main characters, Barry Robin and Maurice Gibb, although i use the word characters loosely as there was quite literally no interaction with the audience and as much as i hate to say it, no talent by our three main men! to be fair, one of them Yvan Silva who plays Maurice does have a glorious top register in his vocal which lends itself beautifully to Bee Gees songs but the other two Rowan Lyle who portrays Barry and Martin Spooner who portrays Robin Gibb were awful, whoever cast this production should be ashamed of their choices when it comes to the Bee Gees, it was amateurs in a professional setting. How this production can call itself a musical is beyond me. we are treated to some very beautiful dancers which at least allow for a lovely visual and take some of the focus away from the three statues at the front. Holding it all in place is a young actor named Stewart (i could not find his second name and there was no mention of him in the program)now Stuart portrays Robert Stigwood and tells the story by way of flash back direct through the wall to the audience, This young man does a fantastic job with a script which at times is witty and at times quite poignant and all be it brief, tells us what we need to know very well. The show promises guest appearances, we had one, Celine Dion is portrayed by Louise beautifully and totally stole the show for me, i didn't want her to leave the stage! this production could have been so much but sadly due to awful casting of the Group in question falls so short. i wanted a musical what i got was a bad tribute made up of old men surrounded by a fine young actor and some lovely dancers! these ingredients worked but the main ingredient certainly did not. on this occasion You Win Again....Lost!!
Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience
5 G & M Pitts
29th Jan 17: Fantastic 10/10 at New Brighton Floral Pavillion 29/1/17. None stop laughing a minute action. A number a guests celebrated birthdays including a child and three actors made it extra special for them. Would highly recommend for any age whether or not you have seen the series. Venue was excellent including the food. Great day out
Blood Brothers
5 Jayne
24th Jan 17: Wow i have read the book with the kids at school loads but never watched it. Wow it was bloody amazing. I went with a bunch of school kids and they were like it was fab. It had a standing ovation at the end. One of the teachers whos seen the play loads said it was the best she had seen in a long long time. Fantastic cast loved it. X
Beauty and the Beast (The Playhouse, Harlow)
5 Jocelyn kurtulaj
5th Jan 17: Loved this show! My whole family couldn't stop laughing! High energy performance with great performances and staging. Very entertaining for all my family & loads of audience involvement. Would definitely recommend it!
The Phantom of the Opera (Her Majesty's Theatre, West End)
3 jim
3rd Jan 17: Ok, but not my favourite
Peter Pan (Pavilion Theatre, Worthing)
5 Catherine Havis
27th Dec 16: Myself and Grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed it!
Peter Pan (Pavilion Theatre, Worthing)
2 James
26th Dec 16: Poor show this year. capt hook went off script far too much. The jokes were in poor taste, sometimes discriminatory. Very disappointing.
Peter Pan (Pavilion Theatre, Worthing)
4 richard drake
23rd Dec 16: Very funny, excellent entertainment for the whole family
Hello Again (Princess Theatre, Torquay)
5 Hello Again Neil Diamond
22nd Dec 16: Tribute shows, Homages, Celebrations ? There are just so many. Some good, some bad, they come and go in and out of vogue, much like the artist(s) that they are emulating. A very select few however, are just so good, that they become a sensation in their own right, thus becoming a must see, the only show for fans of the original artist. Hello Again Neil Diamond most certainly falls into this category, with a cast that can proudly boast past credits to include Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, Take That, Spice Girls, Bay City Rollers, Freddie Starr, Culture Club and many more, its no surprise that this show has accelerated itself to becoming the talk of theatre land. It's also no surprise, when you consider the subject matter...One Neil Leslie Diamond, born a star on 24th January 1941, in his early years an in-house songwriter at the now legendary Brill Building, scoring his first solo hit in 1966. 50 years and over 125 Million records sold, his ongoing story carved deep in the annals of music history is one that must be told. Enter Brooklyn Creed & The Salvation Band, dubbed The Voice of Diamond, Brooklyn carries huge expectation on his shoulders. Born with an uncannily similar timbre to his idol and an exceptional guitar player, Brooklyn soon sends any competition running home to their mothers.’ The Salvation Band, great friends and one of the hottest live bands in the UK, coupled with Brooklyn Horns* and Ascending Strings* hand pick specific live and studio versions of Diamond’s performances under the critical gaze of MD/ Keyboard player Scott Newstead to ensure absolute authenticity. Show creators/ producers, Darren Bazzoni and Juanita Diaz were absolutely insistent in keeping quality and consistency paramount throughout, employing one of the best Production teams in the business. Sound, lights & video are in safe hands with the crew responsible for such theatre smashes such as The Carpenters Story, Let’s Hang On and The Illegal Eagles. Evocative imagery, video and narration enhance the magic, as the show tells the spellbinding story of how a poor boy from Brooklyn NYC rose and rose to become one of the biggest stars on the planet. From The Bang Years to the present day you’ll soon find yourself singing along to all the hits including Sweet Caroline, Cracklin’ Rosie, Forever in Blue Jeans, Song Sung Blue, Hello Again, Love on the Rocks, America and many more. * Brooklyn Horns and Ascending Strings, on selected shows only.

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